Man featured in viral proposal photo taken at Yosemite speaks

PHOENIX (KSAZ/KTVU) -- The man featured in a now-viral photo of a mystery couple at Yosemite is speaking out.

Matthew Dippel, the Michigan cameraman who snapped the epic shot, announced Saturday on Facebook that he found the couple. He posted the photo on Facebook earlier in October, hoping to find the couple. It was shared over 20,000 times.

“Everyone meet, @canklebreaker and @helloomelissa the happy happy couple that was out on the point in my Taft Point Proposal,” he wrote in the post.



"Yeah, we don't watch too much TV or news, so that's why we never even came across," said the soon-to-be groom, Charlie Vo, in a phone interview with FOX 10. "It was just a total coincidence that I stumbled across it online or Instagram, but umm, yeah, that's crazy that other people recognized us."

Vo and his fiance, who live in California, say they were in shock that their engagement has gone viral.

"And then, when we were reading more about the articles of all these people trying to find us, and all the retweets and whatnot, it's an amazing feeling that people went out of their way for that," Vo said.