Man fatally shot outside South Fulton home

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The Fulton County Medical Examiner confirmed the man who was fatally shot at a stately home on Union Road in the city of South Fulton is 22-year-old Brandon Jones of Covington.

A woman who identified herself Monday as Jones's fiancée told FOX 5's Portia Bruner he was hired as a security guard for a big party Sunday night.

“He was my fiancé. We have a 5-year-old,” the woman said with tears in her eyes as she walked toward the front of the home.

South Fulton County Police have said nothing about the gunman or the circumstances leading up to the shooting. But the incident has disturbed the co-pastor of Union Christian Church, which sits across the street from the home.

"Actually, I wasn't surprised there was a shooting. They have some pretty big parties over there," said Pastor Dale Hutchins, who serves as co-pastor at Union Christian Church.

Pastor Hutchins said two years ago, the homeowner, who he identified as former NFL player Eddie Drummond, asked the church if partygoers could park their cars in the church parking lot. But Hutchins told Bruner the parties got out of hand and left the church parking lot trashed.

"The parking lot was full, cars all over the place. Neighbors complained. There was trash and noise, so we ended that relationship," the co-pastor said.

Fulton County tax records indicate a man named Edward Drummond owns the property on 3610 Union Church Road.

The co-pastor told Bruner he just complained Friday to officials in the city of South Fulton about the parties at the house. He showed FOX 5 News the social media websites where people can book the house for $2,400 to $3,500 a night. The co-pastor said he hopes the Sunday night tragedy will mark an end to the parties including one he showed that's scheduled for this coming weekend.

"I have spoken to him in the past and would say the same thing if I could talk to him again. He should consider his neighbors. Be considerate of his neighbors and think about all the problems that can come with parties that last until 3 at 4 in the morning. I will be praying for the family of the young man who was shot," said Hutchins, as he cleaned up trash from the church parking lot.

"Sometimes people would be arriving for church at the same time people were pulling out from the party," said Hutchins.

South Fulton Police haven't released any information about the circumstances leading up to the shooting or the gunman.