Man Dies After Jumping from 3rd Floor of Building

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A shocking scene in Atlanta, a man in handcuffs jumps out of a third story window from a downtown building. Witnesses said the shocking event looked like a scene from a movie.

The disturbing scene happened just after 10 a.m. Tuesday at 34 Peachtree Street, across from Woodruff Park. Officials told FOX 5 the man was part of a pre-trial intervention program. It was discovered that he had brought a gun in the building.

A member of the janitorial services team found the weapon and brought it to the attention of building security. The loaded weapon was a .25 caliber semi-automatic handgun. It had been concealed in documents which contained the name of an individual who was scheduled for an interview with Pretrial Services.

The man was in the custody of the Fulton County Sheriff's office when Atlanta Police said he broke loose.

"He was handcuffed in a conference room when he attempted to escape by jumping out of the window behind me," said Captain Michael O'Connor with the Atlanta Police Department.

A man who claimed he watched it happen spoke to FOX 5 News. He did not want to give us his last name.

"Before he came down, he hit the 3rd pole on top of the building," said Walter. "Then he came down and hit the ground. He was bleeding profusely from the side of his head."

Paramedics rushed the man, who is in his mid-20's, to Grady Hospital with a head injury and several broken bones. He died Tuesday afternoon. The unusual occurrence disturbed many working inside of the downtown building.

"Everyone is shocked, yes, this is an ongoing investigation. So, everyone is shocked, but everyone is doing their job," said Lt. Dan Cochran of the Fulton County Sheriff's department.

Meantime, Walter wants to see a thorough investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

"What would make that man jump? What was going on before the situation took place? That's what needs to be talked about," the man questioned.