Man describes road rage run-in in Carrollton

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Carrollton Police said they have found the man who fired at another driver in a road rage incident. Police said it happened near downtown Carrollton, not far from an area where children play.

Bowden resident Jay Caffee said he was lucky the bullet that hit his van missed him when he was driving. Caffee said it started Tuesday afternoon when he came to pick up his wife.

Caffee said a car driven by this man identified by police as 24-year-old Nicholas Schley, pulled in front of him as he was crossing an intersection.

“I kind of honked my horn and you know gave a little gesture, a little hand gesture,” Caffee said describing using his middle finger in the incident.

Caffee said after his middle finger gesture, he and Schley traveled down the road, both gesturing to each other. Police said it went to the next level when Schley pulled up to a four-way stop.

“He got out of the car yelled some profanities at him, showed that he had a gun and he got back in the car starting driving away,” said Chris Thompson, Carrollton Police Department.

“I could tell he had a pistol in his hand and so I immediately picked up the phone and called 911 and proceeded to follow him,” said Caffee.

Caffee said he had followed Schley to keep tabs on him until police arrived, but before they could, investigators said Schley made a U-turn on South Street.

“And I was on the phone with 911 and as I drove by he fired the shot,” said Caffee.

“If they have a tag number we tell them to back off at that point we can track them back to where ever they live,” said Thompson.

Police said Schley dumped his Mercedes and is now on the lam facing aggravated assault, reckless driving, and possibly more charges.