Man delivers baby on road near DeKalb Waffle House

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Just in time for Father's Day!

A metro Atlanta man says he didn't expect to deliver his baby girl on the side of the road when he woke up Wednesday morning.

Johnny Davis and his fiancee Tiffany Williams were headed to Northside Hospital after Williams' water broke overnight. The couple got on the road shortly after.

"We get on the road and next thing you know, the baby's head was coming out," said Davis. They stopped on Montreal Road, close to the interstate in DeKalb County.

Davis says all of this happened in less than 15 minutes after her water broke.

"I did what any father would do," said Davis. "Stopped the car, hopped out, stopped traffic and became the doctor. Got the baby out. Called the ambulance and here we are."

Right after delivering the baby, the father drove to a nearby Waffle House at the intersection of Lawrenceville Highway at Montreal Road. FOX 5 News caught up with the new father right after all of this went down and as the paramedics were leaving. 

He says he went into "daddy mode" and "survivor mode." We asked him if he had any type of training to prepare him for something like this. The doting dad joked and said he has watched E.R. and Grey's Anatomy, but hasn't had any official training.

"There was no question about it. I knew what I had to do. I knew my baby was coming. I knew I had to do something to make this happen and that's what I did, man. I made it happen. The baby's here. Waffle House is saying we should name the baby Waffleina, but it's not going to happen!"

The dad did say while they won't be naming the baby "Waffleina," they will bring back some photos for the restaurant.

It was very clear the dad was on Cloud 9 and overjoyed about the extra special delivery.

"You gotta excuse me I'm kinda excited right now," said Davis. "My baby girl's here! She's breathing you know. Man, thank God thank God!"

The new father tells us mom and baby were taken to Northside Hospital. The little girl weighed five pounds and 14 ounces. Davis tells us both mom and baby are doing well and this experience is something he will always cherish. 

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