Man covers face while robbing stores in Henry County

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Henry County Police aren't used to seeing a robber who covers his face with a tissue or a napkin of some kind. Police don't know if he's sick, or he's using it as a disguise, but police said they want him caught before he strikes again.

Police said he's hit four times in Henry County. The first was at this Dollar General on Panola Road back in October, then in November a Family dollar, and in January he hit a MetroPCS and another Dollar General.

Video released by police shows the faces of frightened employees after the robber flashes his gun, demanding money. The ladies move to the back of the store with the robber right behind them. One of the employees runs out to get the cash, while the other stands to the side with her hands up.

Henry County Police said before he left, he forced the ladies in a bathroom.

"He's very calm. All the video we have seen he doesn't look like he panics. He walks in requests money, and nonchalantly walked out and drives away," said Major Mike Ireland.

Major Ireland said he's left in a white Nissan Altima or Maximum, 2001 to 2015 model.

Police also released a video of him at a Dollar General Wednesday night. He stood in line with his face covered, then showed the clerk his gun. What's interesting about this video is the suspect is in scrubs.

"We don't know if he's employed by one of the local medical facilities or just wearing it," the major said.

Major Ireland said the robber’s MO is odd. Is he sick? Or simply a way not to stand out considering it is the cold season?

"Normally, people are not going to pay attention to him, so I think that's the idea he has right now," said Ireland.

Anyone who recognizes the man in the videos to call the Henry County Police Department.