Man claims to be kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint, police investigate

Atlanta Police are investigating after a man claims he was kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint.

The man also said he was forced to drive to several ATMs around the city.

According to police, the victim was driving on Spring Street in Northwest Atlanta just after 1 a.m. on Friday when his vehicle was hit by a dark sedan.

When the victim got out to check for damages police said a man dressed in all black pulled out a gun and ordered the victim back into his car.

The suspect then forced the victim to drive to an ATM, police said.

The first stop was an ATM located at a Wells Fargo bank on Lee street in Atlanta.

Police report the suspect then forced the man to drive to another bank on Chattahoochee where he was forced to withdraw $2,700.

The next stop was a bank on Fairburn Road before the suspect forced the man to drive to a neighborhood nearby where he got out and ran.

"If you have a minor fender bender it’s common for you to get out and assess the damages. Typically you exchange information or you pull to the side of the road and speak to the person you were in an accident with," Atlanta Police Officer Crystal Johnson said.

This is not the first time a fender bender was used as a distraction, Atlanta police commented on a similar issue in May for a crime on Howell Mill Road.

An investigation continues.

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