Man charged with assaulting and threatening pregnant woman in Clayton County

Abdul Sesay (Clayton County Police Department)

Clayton County police have arrested a man accused of attacking a pregnant woman and threatening her after she talked to the authorities.

Investigators with the Clayton County police department say Abdul Sesay is charged with terroristic threats, harassing phone calls, and felony battery.

The charges stem from an investigation on Wednesday when officers say they were called to Conley Road after reports of a domestic violence incident.

At the scene, officers found the pregnant victim on the floor of the home with a black eye and cuts on her. Investigators say Sesay had already fled.

Later, police say Sesay texted the victim, allegedly telling her "I will kill you for calling the police on me."

After identifying Sesay as a suspect in the case, investigators contacted his family members. Minutes after talking with them, officials say Sesay called the police and turned himself in.

Sesay remains in custody at the Clayton County Jail.