Man charged for recording woman in the restroom stall at local Target

A man is in trouble with authorities for allegedly recording a woman in the women’s restroom at a local Target.

Court documents say Jacob Herrera was caught recording the woman at a Target located at 3100 S. Gulf Fwy.

When she observed a cell phone with her picture underneath the adjacent stall, the victim said she immediately pulled her pants up, exited the bathroom and found a manager nearby.

The manager said they observed Herrera leave the women’s restroom and then enter the men’s restroom for nearly two minutes before he exited.

Before Herrera could get away, the woman recorded him trying to leave the store.

Authorities say Herrera claimed he was on Twitter when he walked into the restroom. He denied recorded anything and said he was at the store to “shop for a few things,” but failed to say what he was shopping for.

He allegedly asked how long the investigation was going to be several times, because he said he wanted to get back to work.

Herrera was taken into custody for invasive visual recording and was issued a bond of $2,000.

Target sent the following statement to FOX 26: