Man arrested for threatening officers online

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Police arrested a Canton man after they said he posted online threats to kill police officers. Chase Adcock, 21, is charged with making terroristic threats and acts. Police said the threats were graphic and filled with hate.

Investigators said Adcock made a Facebook post stating he would “unload” on officers and make them second guess their careers when they “Die as their lungs fill with blood from a Saturday Night Special.”

Police said they tracked down Adcock in Canton.

“We take this seriously whether it's directed toward us or any group,” said Canton police Officer Pacer Cordry.

Adcock's brother, Chance Adcock said Chase didn't really mean what he posted and doesn't even own a gun.

“It was very vulgar. He was just in a bad spot and did not mean that at all. I've never seen him act that way,” said Chance Adcock.

Adcock said he told his brother to take down the post and warned others to think before they write anything on social media.

“He had no idea. He's just young and stupid. People don't realize what you put on Facebook will put you in jail,” said Adcock.

Police said, threats are threats, whether they're made verbally or posted online.

“Social media makes it easier to make threats and regardless of where they're made we do take them seriously,” said Officer Cordry.