Man arrested after missing woman's body found in wooded area

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An arrest has been made after officer discover the body of a young woman missing for about week in a wooded area of DeKalb County Tuesday evening.

Officer found the body of 19-year-old Te'a Choates in a wooded area off Highway 124 in southeast DeKalb County. She was 3 months pregnant.

"It wasn't expected but you know once she found out she was excited. She was looking forward to this new chapter in her life, being a mommy like her mommy," recalled her Aunt Jamilah Fulton-Washington.

Aldeyshaun Locklear, 18, was booked into the DeKalb County Jail on charges of concealing a death, felony murder and aggravated assault-strangulation. Police said Choates' fiancé was behind her death.

Family members said the two met in March and had a volatile relationship, but had planned to get married later this month.


Choates' mother, who has started a group home for girls in Florida, said she wants to empower young women who feel trapped in tumultuous relationships. She has one message.

"Get out, get out. It is not worth it. I know as young women we think we can change them if we love them hard enough. It is not worth it to stick around in a relationship that is abusive."

DeKalb County Police said they will release more information on her death on Thursday.

The family has set up an online account to help offset the cost for Choates' burial. That can be found at

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