Man accused of trying to steal engine from Mustang

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A Newnan man is under arrest for trying to steal a car motor, but the owner caught him the act.  The Mustang was parked in the owner's Coweta County driveway and deputies think the accused thief targeted the car.

Matthew Mills is facing multiple charges including entering auto and possession of tools for the commission of a crime.

A Coweta County man woke up to noise in his drive Monday morning and found the hood of his Mustang open. And a man running down his driveway. Deputies said the found Mills asleep in his car with a pocket knife in his lap. The car was parked behind bushes at the end of the driveway with the Mustang.

According to a deputy's report: "Mr. Mills advised me that he was not sure why he was in the neighborhood."

Deputies said the found these Mustang parts in Mill's car. They also found three Georgia Driver's Licenses. Two of them from women who reported their cars broken into.

They said the car parts fit the ones missing off this Mustang.

Deputy's said they looked at Matthew Mills Facebook page and saw a similar black Mustang.

The deputy said: "I advised Mr. Mills that I was aware of a similar Mustang that he owned by looking at this Facebook profile picture.  Mr. Mills did not recall the Mustang but did advise me that he drove Mustangs."

Deputies took Mills into custody, convinced that he was stealing parts off the Mustang's motor, much like the Johnny Cash song, "one piece at a time."

Mills is being held here at the Coweta County Jail on a $5,000 bond.