Man accused of targeting women leaving grocery stores, restaurants

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Six women are relieved now that 33-year-old Boris Bell is off the streets.

"I thought he was going to come back," Becky Ray said.

Ray is one of six women Gwinnett County Police say Bell followed home from grocery stores and restaurants. Police say Bell robbed them, stole their credit cards and purses, and assaulted them.

"I went out to grab another load of groceries and when I opened the door, he was standing there and he immediately started punching me," Ray said. "I had to get six stitches and my eye is black and blue."

Tuesday Bell was arrested during a traffic stop.

"We had surveillance images of him using one of the stolen credit cards so the lead detective put out a BOLO for him," Gwinnett County Police Corporal Michele Pihera said. "Officers pulled him over around 7 a.m. Tuesday. He was taken into custody without incident."

Ray told FOX 5 she is thankful Bell won't be able to hurt anyone else.

"I think he would have gone out there and attacked another woman if police hadn't gotten him into custody," Ray said.

Bell is facing numerous charges including robbery and aggravated assault.

"These women did nothing wrong," Pihera said. "They went to the grocery store or to pick up food and came home and were assaulted. If he had kept this up, who knows what else he was capable of."