Man accused of impersonating DEA agent, carrying BB gun at Disney Springs

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said a man was arrested at Disney Springs for impersonating a law enforcement officer and carrying a concealed weapon.

Deputies say Nathaniel Smith, 18, was flagged by security at Disney Springs about possibly having a gun.

According to his arrest report, deputies say Smith told them that he was recently hired by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a special agent by the agency's Atlanta, Georgia division.

When the deputy asked to see his badge, Smith pulled one out.

The deputy then asked for a phone number for his supervisor, which Smith could not provide.

Upon further investigation, the responding deputy said he found badges similar to Smith's being sold on Amazon.

The deputy then found a concealed and loaded Glock 19 replica BB gun inside Smith's waistband.

The badge and BB gun were seized and the 18-year-old was arrested.

He's charged with impersonating an officer, unlawful display of a badge and carrying a concealed weapon.