Man accused of dragging dog to her death is criminally charged

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“How can this even be?” wonders animal rights advocate Cindy Jende-Stevens.The pictures on Facebook were more than animal lovers could take.

50-year-old Norris Garvin Bradley is now charged with cruelty to animals a class A misdemeanor.

“It went viral it really did,” Jende-Stevens said. “People were mad.”

According to police, Norris Bradley tied the dog to a rope and dragged her with his truck on September 9th in the 7400 block of Sandra. 7 days later the dog was found dead in a nearby ditch.

The license plate on the truck was clearly visible so some angry folks decided to make Bradley’s information public.

“Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true,” said Hosea Bradley, Norris Bradley’s brother.

The brunt of all the hate was aimed at the wrong Bradley. Hosea Bradley says he got a lot of death threats.

“Yes it was horrible I mean the things that people were saying I can understand them being passionate since it was an animal being victimized but still,” said Hosea Bradley.

Bradley says his brother Norris has dealt with substance abuse issues and he believes that could be the reason for his alleged actions. Bradley says Norris likes animals.

“We were raised in the same house we weren’t raised that way,” Hosea Bradley said.

“All dogs matter and what did she do to deserve being dragged to her death,” Jende-Stevens said.

A group of animal rights advocates are using this tragedy to raise awareness about animal abuse and the need to strengthen current laws so they’ve organized a huge event that’s open to the public.

A walk will happen at noon Sunday October 4th that will begin in the Bank of America parking lot at 10612 Eastex Freeway 77093.

For more information go to the Facebook pages of Cathy Jende Stevens or Lucy Moreno.