Haralson County deputies uncover major theft ring operation

A major theft ring discovered in west Georgia. Law enforcement officers say hundreds of new and used stolen items were found on a man's property near Bremen.

Haralson County Sheriff Stacy Williams says his detectives were working a business burglary at the same time Carroll County Sheriff's Office and Villa Rica Police were trying to track down some stolen property. Sheriff Williams says tips started coming in and it led investigators to the same place.

"The property covered about 30 acres. There were numerous outbuildings, shops, homes, vehicles, probably 100 vehicles," said Haralson County Sheriff's Lt. Donnie Mapps.

Investigators say they found power tools, hand tools, guns, catalytic converters, dozens and dozens of tires and vehicles.

"We found one stolen vehicle out of Bartow county there were several vehicles and trailers," said Sheriff Williams.

There were so many items it will take investigators weeks to log everything.  

"Our initial search we had 17 officers searching the property and we still didn't have enough people and we were out there 7 hours searching," said Sheriff Williams.

Investigators say the amount of stolen property is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The man who lives on the property, Howard Clay Arp Sr., was arrested and charged with multiple counts of hteft by receiving.

"We know for a fact right now that people are bringing stolen items to him," said Lt. Mapps.

Now investigators are trying to determine who else is involved and what Arp was planning to do with all the items.

"You don't accept the stolen property without trying to make money off the stolen property, so the investigation is going to lead us to the answer to that," said Mapps.

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