Mail thieves target hundreds of Chamblee residents

Police are searching for three suspects who stole mail from hundreds of residents at a condo complex in Chamblee. Those residents now worry they may become victims of identity theft.

Surveillance cameras and other security didn't deter the bold thieves, who broke into The Lofts at 5300 complex on Peachtree Road at around 4:30 the morning of November 6.

Chamblee police said the thieves broke into three separate clusters of mailboxes and stole mail from over 200 different residents. The suspects, two males and a female, left the complex in a dark-colored sedan.

Miriam Mclemore lives at the complex and says her mailbox was compromised.

"You feel violated when someone breaks into your mailbox.  You don't even know what was coming to you."

The thieves reportedly went directly to the mailbox area, busted the main locks, and spent about 30 minutes emptying them out. They loaded the mail into large duffle bags and left the area in a dark-colored sedan.

Chamblee police are working with condo complex management to assist victims and reviewing surveillance video in hopes of identifying the suspects.

With incidents of mailbox theft reported across the metro, Carey Jones says he's taken steps to reduce his chances of falling victim to thieves. "I take my mail to the post office and I don't leave it in the box overnight."

Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact Chamblee Police.

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