Mail carrier receives award for saving elderly woman

A metro Atlanta mailman was honored Friday morning for helping out an elderly woman who had fallen outside her house.

Mountain Park City Carrier Chris Montedoro was on his route when he noticed the customer was in distress.

Elma McIntire, 90, had fallen behind her home and was badly injured. She said she went to check to see if the mail had come. It was raining and when she tried to go back inside her house she fell. 

She had been stranded for over an hour when Montedoro found her.

McIntire called for help and then assisted McIntire inside her house. USPS said he comforted her until a family member arrived to take her to the hospital.

Montedoro, a hearing impaired City Carrier, received the Postmaster General Recognition for his heroic actions.

The ceremony was held in Stone Mountain.

Both Montedoro and McIntire attended.  

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