Luggage theft leads to big pot bust at Atlanta's airport

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Airport police officers uncovered a piece of luggage stuffed with nearly $60,000 worth of marijuana and the man who claimed the bag was the one who actually tipped the authorities, although he did not intend to.

The traveler flew into Atlanta late last month from Sacramento, California. His name according to police is Kylen Alfred Trapps.

As he was making his way around the facility, two men spotted him, approached and police said one grabbed one of the two pieces of luggage.

Trapps saw an airport cop and told him to stop the thief. A second officer responded. That officer happened to be a specialist in drug enforcement. That officer intervened and got the bag back, but he also started asking Trapps questions. The answers, which authorities said were evasive, did not satisfy detectives.

Trapps, running out of options, allowed a search. He claimed only clothes were in the bag that got snatched. Trapps also claimed his clothes had been put in shrink wrap for extra space, which he asked the detective not to unwrap.

It all sounded strange to the veteran officer. Underneath the clothes police found 21 packages, more than 23 pounds of pot.

Trapps and two others were arrested. They were booked into the Clayton County Jail.