Trump supporter charged with assault after blowing on women near Virginia Trump club

A Virginia man is facing an assault charge after an incident in front of President Trump’s Loudoun County golf course.

What happened Saturday afternoon was caught on video. In it, a maskless man wearing a Trump inflatable intentionally exhales on people there protesting.

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The Loudoun County Sherriff’s Office said Sunday that Raymond Deskins, 61, of Sterling faces a misdemeanor simple assault charge.

“The incident itself came so out of nowhere that it was shocking,” said Kathy Beynette, who recorded what happened.

She said she and others typically go to the Sterling golf course to protest on the weekends when President Trump is there playing. She said recently there have been Trump supporters there as well. 

She said Deskins approached them without any prior conversation and she and another woman immediately told him to stay back. 

“It’s women asking a man with a toy around his waist and no mask to leave us alone,” said Beynette.

She said the risk of Covid-19 is especially concerning for her and the other woman because they are seniors.

Beynette said they immediately reported what happened to Loudoun County sheriff’s deputies who were nearby. On Sunday afternoon, the sheriff’s office said deputies did not see the incident and therefore officials had told both the man and the women to report what happened to the county magistrate and seek a “citizen obtained warrant.” 

Beynette said she and the other woman involved did that. 

The response from law-enforcement prompted members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to call for a full investigation of the incident in a letter to the sheriff and Commonwealth’s attorney. 

Board chair Phyllis Randall said many in the community were angry about what they saw in the video.

“I received emails, I have received Facebook posts, I have received phone calls and so have my colleagues on the board because we’re just horrified,” said Randall.

But later Sunday, the sheriff’s office tweeted that Deskins had been charged with simple assault,  a misdemeanor, and released on a summons. 

FOX 5 gave Beynette the news.

“Thank you for being the one to let me know,” she told reporter Lindsay Watts. “I appreciate it, and it restores some faith in justice.”

According to the sheriff’s office, Deskins initially reported he was assaulted. 

FOX 5 was unable to reach to Deskins for comment Sunday night.


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