Local performer creates magical online experience

If you’ve ever seen Peter Morrison at work, you know that he’s a master at making the impossible…seem possible.

So when the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced down the curtain on his popular Atlanta Magic Theater show at the Embassy Suites Atlanta at Centennial Olympic Park, he immediately reached right back into his bag of tricks.

“Literally, the next day I built this virtual studio in my house,” the magician says.

Now, Peter Morrison brings his show to global audiences through the power of the Internet — having created a virtual show that’s been booked by both private groups and corporate entities.  Morrison says the immediate popularity of the new format was both surprising, and incredibly satisfying.  

“I had a lady on the other night, she was down in Puerto Rico.  I had another lady in Germany, same call.  We had Puerto Rico, Germany, and I think we had France and California.  It was a crazy call,” he says.  “I can see your reaction, which is harder to do if you’re on stage, but also I can call on you personally throughout the performance.  So, actually, in many ways, it’s equally, if not even more personal.  It’s amazing.”

To learn more about Morrison’s virtual magic shows, click over to his website here, or the Atlanta Magic Theater website here.