Local man has waited decades to see Cubs in another World Series

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Here in Chicago, we all know it's been decades since the Cubs got all the way to the World Series. Chicago Cubs fans have been waiting years and years to see it happen.

But,  we probably have not been waiting as long as one Buffalo Grove man who has been holding on to a World Series ticket since the 1940s.

Lew Bernstein is the proud owner of a ticket stub and score card from Game 5 of the 1945 World Series, the last World Series to feature Chicago's beloved Cubbies. 

At the time, a 15-year-old Bernstein waited in line all night to purchase a ticket to the game in the right centerfield bleachers for just $1.20. Bernstein said he was so tired from waiting up all night, that he had to keep score of the game in order to stay awake! 

Bernstein framed the ticket and score card to keep that historic day as a memory forever. 

Bernstein told FOX 32's Lisa Chavarria his collector's items are worth a pretty penny. In fact, he has even been offered hundreds of dollars for the ticket and score card. 

But Lew's son, Steve, told him never to sell the ticket because "The Cubs may never make it to another World Series." 

Although Bernstein has some great memories from that last World Series, decades ago, he would not wait in line for that long again if the Cubs make it that far this year.