Georgia foundation says they got a big gift from Oprah

A Georgia non-profit just got a big boost from Oprah Winfrey.

For the past decade, Monica DeLancy has been helping families in her south Cobb County community stay in their homes. She heads up We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association. She teaches renters about their rights, evictions and where to find resources. She also chips in for gas money or a light bill when needed. But now, DeLancy said she will be able to help even more families, thanks to Oprah Winfrey.

DeLancy said Oprah heard about We Thrive in Riverside and set up a Zoom call with her.

"I'm breathing, oh my, what is she going to say? She was so kind. She said 'I like what you're doing, you're so inspiring, you're encouraging to others'," said DeLancy.

DeLancy said she was thrilled with the compliments, then came an even bigger surprise. She said the Oprah Winfrey Foundation gave We Thrive in Riverside $50,000.

"I started crying, I couldn't believe it," said DeLancy.

DeLancy said the money will help about 40 families in the community stay in their homes. Families like Courtney Marshall's. Marshall lost her job when the pandemic hit.

"I was literally on the brink of losing everything... my home, my car," said Marshall.

Marshall said the assistance she's getting from We Thrive in Riverside is a life changer.

"This has turned out to be the biggest blessing of 2021, knowing I'm going to be able to keep my place, that me and my kids will have a place to stay," said Marshall.

"I'm just happy we were able to have this opportunity to share with others and keep families in homes, and thank you to Oprah for acknowledging that," said DeLancy.

DeLancy said she's not going to just hand out checks. She said the recipients will also go through a workshop with her to learn how to manage their finances and set up a plan so they don't start relying on someone else to bail them out.

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