Little girl taken along in crime spree?

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It is a picture of a little girl with a woman. It is innocent looking enough, until it is revealed that the child may have been with the woman and an accomplice during a smash-and-grab crime spree in Carroll County.

The little girl and the woman in a red checkered shirt were recorded on surveillance at a Citgo not far from John Tanner State Park.

Investigators said the little girl was present when the woman she was with and another woman used stolen debit and credit cards taken from autos during several auto smash-and-grab burglaries at Tanner Park. It is unclear if the child was present during the actual crime which police said involved the bashing of windows.

“Definitely we know when they were spending money. The other would be an assumption. It definitely shows a disrespect for the law and society as we know it,” said Captain Jeff Richards with the Carroll County Sheriff's Office.

He said 13 smash and grabs occurred over the weekend at public parks in Villa Rica, Carrollton, and Carroll County which had seven.

“They definitely came prepared to hit the vehicles, they were in and out in a very quick time," said Captain Richards.

Investigators said the burglars are very brazen and struck in the middle of the day. Jennifer Thorn said she was at Tanner on Saturday when the thefts occurred.

“I feel like we're always going to stay in sight of our vehicles, kind of keep an eye on things, keep our alarms on, windows shut, apparently that doesn't matter if they're busting windows,” said Thorn.

Carroll County deputies are asking the public to turn in the woman with the child and her accomplice. They said it is unclear what relationship they are to the child who has already seen too much.

“The child now thinks its okay to do this and it's not, there's no respect for others people's property there's no respect for actually the child," said Lesa Scarbrough, a visitor to Tanner Park.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Carroll County Sheriff's Office, Carrollton Police or Villa Rica Police.

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