Little Girl Buys Ice Cream For Troopers After Funeral For Fellow Officer

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LOUISVILLE, KY- A five year old girl-makes a grown up decision-to use her allowance to buy ice cream for troopers after they attended a funeral for one of their own.

 Her act of kindness is now going viral.

5-year-old Isabella Gregory hasn't seen these Kentucky State Troopers since the day they buried their colleague, Trooper Joseph Ponder.

A chance encounter at McDonalds after an emotional funeral binds them together.

"They were eating their food and I got them ice cream. Why? Because their friend died," Isabella explained.

 Isabella used her allowance money to buy all the officers in the restaurant ice cream sundaes.

"Her gesture, it just means the world to us. Her allowance money, who knows how long it took her to gather that much money," said Kentucky State Trooper Pat Hamilton.

 Her simple act of kindness captured in a picture went viral.

"Because of the day we had just had it was almost a tearjerker. I kept my composure but it's one of those things that makes us realize why we do what we do," said Hamilton.

"I put this picture on Facebook after we took the picture with Isabella. I assumed only my close friends would see it maybe share some of the encouragement we received," said fellow Trooper Eric Homan.

 But it's been shared thousands of times, and now they're surprising her, by driving 3 hours to treat her to her favorite restaurant in style.

 A tragic loss of a trooper, leads to a small gesture of kindness, and a hopeful future.

”I'm going to a be policeman when I grow up," Isabella explained.

"It's turned into a real positive story and that's something we really need these days, we appreciate her big heart and the kindness she showed us," said Homan.