Little Five Points restaurant worker attacked by man with box cutter

The search is on for a man who attacked a Little Five Points restaurant worker with a box cutter.

Employees at the Corner Tavern in Little Five Points say thankfully their coworker is OK after getting some stitches. But mostly, they have a lot of questions as to why the attack happened.

"It started out as a very harmless conversation where the employee asked the individual who had been sitting on the patio who’s not a customer to please go ahead and leave," said Lauren Welsh of Little Five Points Alliance.

Instead of leaving, investigators say the man went for the restaurant worker with a box cutter, sending him to the hospital.

Patrons who were sitting at the tables where the attack went down were shocked to hear about the whole ordeal.

"It evokes such like a crazy violent response. I feel like I would’ve simply just left, it’s not that big of a deal. Not sure why he had a box cutter," customer Anna Pomahac said.

While there hasn't been a noticeable uptick in violent crime in the neighborhood, Welsh, who represents business leaders in the area, says the fact that the Atlanta Police Department is stretched so thin means there are fewer patrols.

"We are very concerned about small business owners having to deal with this kind of issue, and we’re concerned about customers and businesses a Little Five Points," Welsh said. "We want them to feel welcome and safe when they come here."

FOX 5 reached out to Atlanta police to see if we could get an update on the investigation and was told it was active and ongoing.