Lithonia Mother says 11-year-old daughter was wrongfully handcuffed by police

A Lithonia mother says DeKalb County police wrongfully detained her 11-year-old daughter Wednesday evening.

Police have yet to respond to FOX 5's requests for comment.

Cyntria Hendricks says it was around 7 p.m. Wednesday when police knocked on her door, demanding they speak to her daughter.

She says police interviewed her as she was named as one of three people involved with an attempted car break-in nearby earlier that night.

Hendricks has multiple motion-sensored Ring cameras, all of which did not pick up on her daughter leaving the home. 

Hendricks says police handcuffed her daughter and put her in the back of their squad car for at least ten minutes. 

It wasn't until they realized the suspect description is of a 16-year-old that Hendrick's daughter was "let go."

Hendricks says she's filing a complaint with the Dekalb County Police Department and expects a policy change.