Leaflets from white supremacist group scattered throughout Atlanta neighborhood

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Leaflets from a white supremacist group were thrown on lawns and sidewalks in a northeast Atlanta neighborhood. Residents in Candler Park were stunned to find the messages when they woke up Saturday morning.

“A lot of people are outraged over it,” said Maya Hahn.

Hahn lives in a home that clearly states how she feels. A large sign on the fence in front of her home states, “This House Opposes Hatred In Any Form.”

“It's directly opposite of how a lot of people feel here. This is not the Candler Park way. When I moved here in 1978, it was the diversity of the neighborhood and that's what kept me here,” said Hahn.

The leaflets were scattered throughout Candler Park. Van Jensen said whoever put one on his lawn also stole his yard sign that promoted diversity. He wasn't happy about that or the message.

“It was a really poorly designed leaflet advocating global conspiracy against white people,” said Jensen.

Jensen said he's aware of the rise in hate groups, but had not heard of the group Patriot Front which was written on the message. So he did a little research.

“There's a splintering nexus of groups stemming from the Charlottesville march and it seems like this is one of them that grew out of that,” said Jensen.

As more and more people started finding the notes on their lawns, many started wondering where they came from. Jason Key checked his security cameras but didn't catch anyone in the act.

“There's been a lot of questions. Are they living in the neighborhood? Are there people here like this? We're a pretty inclusive neighborhood and diverse, it was interesting to see here,” said Key.

Maya Hahn said like it or not, whoever threw the pamphlets throughout the neighborhood had a right to do it.

“We have a First Amendment, they have every right to speak out just as I do with my signs,” said Hahn.