Lawrenceville mother seeks kidney donor

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One year ago a Madison, Georgia photographer snapped a photo of a Greensboro family in need of a kidney. Their story had a happy ending and now that same photographer hopes to help a Lawrenceville family.

Last July, Brandy Angel took a picture of Police Officer Raleigh Callaway and his family. He was in dire need of a kidney as he battled diabetes, hypertension and chronic disease. Several photos of the Callaway family holding a sign that read "Our Daddy needs a Kidney" made national headlines.

Callaway underwent a successful transplant surgery in September.

Callaway’s wife, Kristi Callaway, started a non-profit organization and Angel also started her own called “Be The Change – Brandy Angel Foundation.” The two women have worked together to feature 15 people in need of a kidney.

Of the 15 families Angel has photographed, three of those have already received transplants (four including Callaway).

“We can all make a difference in this world or in someone else's life. Every act of kindness can turn into something amazing. That's why I chose the name Be The Change for my non profit. I live my life that way,” Angel told FOX 5.

Now, Angel hopes to help Sara Chandler.

Chandler is married and has three children. The Lawrenceville mom was born with a genetic kidney abnormality (PKD). According to Chandler’s GoFundMe page, doctors have said she only has about two to three months to find a matching donor. 

One of Chandler's friends reached out to Angel and the photographer snapped photos at her home last week. Turns out, the photos were taken exactly one year to the day that Callaway's pictures were taken. Chandler's campaign was also launched exactly one year after Callaway's as well. Angel said that wasn't planned. 

"I can beat this," Chandler told Good Day Atlanta's Ron Gant. "I've beat so many things in my life. I've overcome so many objectives and this is not going to stop me."

Chandler's husband wanted to donate his kidney, but wasn't a match.

For those who wish to take part in trying to save Sara’s quality of life by finding a compatible kidney, you will need to get tested to see if you are the donor match she needs. You can call Emory Transplant Center at 855-366-7989.

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Angel said she also takes photos for people in need of any sort of help. Such as those needing bone marrow matches, looking for biological family members or just to raise awareness of their situation or health issues.

"I love people. That's what I do," said Angel. "I feel like everybody deserves compassion and help because we are all at that position at some point in time in our life." 

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