Beloved 'Lawn Man' killed in DeKalb County hit-and-run

Residents in one DeKalb County community said they want answers after a man was hit and killed.

"I feel sad, I’m not going to hear his voice. His big voice coming down the street, yelling ‘Lawn Man,’" Deanna Cauthen said.

Cauthen is remembering her friend Charles Young, but said most people know him as "Lawn Man."

Cauthen said a car hit the 58-year-old while he was walking near the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Columbia Drive in DeKalb County late last month.

The driver of the vehicle is believed to have kept going.

"He was able to make it home where he collapsed," Cauthen said. "He was swollen. His head was twice the size it normally is. The incident messed up his heart. It was just catastrophic."

Young later died at a hospital.

"I thought who does that. What kind of person hits someone in the middle of the day and then leaves," Cauthen said.

Cauthen believes "Lawn Man" was at a gas station filling up his lawn mower and said the woman behind the wheel is still on the run.

"I think it’s sad for someone to leave this world without anyone knowing they left this world. I think that’s tragic actually," Cauthen said.

Cauthen put together fundraising efforts to help his loved ones left behind. Click here for more information to help.

As a community comes together to remember one of their own, Cauthen hopes the driver does the right thing and comes forward.

"Bring justice to this situation. It’s not right with someone getting away with hitting someone and ultimately killing them and go free. That’s a person that’s dangerous," Cauthen said.

FOX 5 has reached out to DeKalb County police for more information have not heard back as of early Monday evening.