Law enforcement unveils safety plans for NRG Stadium during Super Bowl

For weeks Charles Herrigan has been noticing the changes to the neighborhood. He lives just a few blocks from NRG Stadium. The area is buzzing, and at times getting buzzed by helicopters.

“I feel safe as I'll ever be. If any terrorist act or anything like that will happen there's nothing I can do about it," Herrigan said.

But law enforcement thinks it can. The first step was getting the game declared a "Tier One" security event.

“That means it's a very high priority and very high security and that's why we have all the federal assets to support us,“ said Kathy Lanier with the NFL.

Of the 41 law enforcement agencies providing security, 25 of them are federal. They've been doing things like monitoring internet chatter and communications between suspected terrorists. They say there are no credible threats so far.

Police do expect protester,  perhaps more now than when planning began. But they say ironically the first line against outside agitators is local demonstrators.

“To those who might want to come from the outside and cause problems in Houston, you will be greatly outnumbered by activists that care about their message,” Ssaid HPD Chief Acevedo. “They don’t want their message hijacked.”

And those activists are communicating with HPD.  Much of the security around NRG is invisible, and they won't  talk about it for security reasons. But you will see some of the 1000 uniformed  law enforcement officers as well as the 4,000 security guards the NFL hired. You will also see a three mile perimeter fence and checkpoints farther out than a typical game day. In fact, the locals say between traffic and security, it's time to hunker down.

“My last shopping day is going to be tomorrow to get everything I think I need. Adult beverages, food and everything will be here tomorrow,”  said Herrigan.

Everything you need to watch the game.