Atlanta Police Department unit targets repeat offenders

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens told reporters Tuesday, 30% of the suspects arrested by the Atlanta Police Department every week are men and women who have already been convicted of at least three felonies — repeat offenders who keep cycling through Atlanta's criminal justice system.

"We catch them, we arrest them, we convict them, but somehow, they are back on our streets and committing crimes," said Mayor Dickens, before outlining the details of a new APD Unit designed to target repeat offenders. "About 1,000 individuals are committing up to 40% of the crimes in our city."

Stationed at APD headquarters, the unit will keep repeat offenders from cycling through the criminal justice system by assigning county, state and federal resources and personnel to the unit. 

Police Chief Rodney Bryant said data-sharing and additional personnel will help his investigators be more strategic with the information they provide to courts.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said the partnership will allow her investigators to flag some of the city's most troublesome criminals and the Chief Magistrate Judge for Fulton County said the team's efforts will help judges make more informed sentencing decisions.

"Better decisions begin with better information and the commitment that runs through this entire effort. It helps officers on the street, and it helps judges make better decisions," said Judge Chris Brasher.