‘Where turning 5 is a pleasure’: Lakeland boy celebrates birthday with Publix-themed party

Credit: Kacie Laube

For young Atticus, the 5-year-old proves that all Floridians love Publix – no matter what age.

His Polk County family knew he enjoys his visits to the Lakeland-based grocery store chain, so they decided to recreate the store in their home – for his 5th birthday party. Atticus and his friends had their own kid-sized shopping carts and went shopping in the makeshift Publix. 


Credit: Kacie Laube

Here, the guest of honor was made the store manager and employee of the month.


Credit: Kacie Laube

His party hats had the phrase, "Where turning 5 is a pleasure," which was also written in frosting on his cake – made in Publix.


Credit: Kacie Laube

Like in every Publix store, a portrait of its founder, George Jenkins, was in attendance too.


Credit: Kacie Laube

Of course, there were Pub Subs. 

His mother, Kacie, said the elaborate Publix party couldn’t have been done without the help of the assistant customer service manager, Blake Smith, over at the Publix along Florida Avenue South. 


Credit: Kacie Laube

"He got Atticus an official shirt and apron to wear, provided all of the kiddos with their own name tags, got Atticus a present (he LOVES the play food and basket!), plus Pub sub wrappers and bags, deli cups, and signs and codes to hang on our shelves. Not to mention that he set us up with some sweet Publix swag!," she wrote in a Facebook post. "We are so grateful."

Kacie went on to say that the Publix Employees Federal Credit Union helped create "awesome" swag bags for the children. Her sister made a child-sized scale, a Publix sign, bakery sign, Presto sign, Publix debit cards and placed the Publix logo on each apron.

Their dad made an "Aisle 5" sign out of wood. 


Credit: Kacie Laube

"It will be something we treasure forever," Kacie said. "Atticus said this was the best birthday ever and that he’s so glad that so many of his family and friends were able to attend. He’s going to sleep a very happy boy."

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Credit: Kacie Laube