KKK flyers found in metro Atlanta neighborhood

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Neighbors in a diverse Tucker community said they felt outrage and fear after racist KKK flyers were found outside their homes.

Residents told FOX 5 Friday early evening, they found the flyers inside baggies and with candy boxes outside homes in the Lehaven community off Lavista Road.

Neighbors called 911 and said an officer with DeKalb Police came and collected the rest of the flyers.

The flyer states, "The KKK wants you!" and asks for recruits to "fight the spread of Islam." The phone number on the paper reaches a voicemail recording with numerous racial slurs and asks for recruits to the KKK in North Carolina.

Residents of different backgrounds and faiths spoke to FOX 5 off-camera for fear of their safety. No one saw who distributed the papers, and residents ask if this was truly a recruiting attempt, a scare tactic, or a stunt or a prank. 

Some residents were concerned the flyers appeared days before Election Day. 

"Disturbing and upsetting," said Amber Ehrman Jones, the HOA president, who said the quiet community is home to people of many different ethnicities and mirrors the diversity of the Tucker area. She said the HOA is working to find surveillance to provide to police.

"We'll do our best to find out who they are," she said and has a message for the culprits: "Go away-- and stop," Herman Jones said. 

In response to the flyers, Tucker Mayor Frank Auman sent the following statement to FOX 5: