Kind stranger rescues dog from roof of Rhode Island home

A kind stranger came to the rescue of a poor pooch in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, recently when he helped the dog down from the roof it had somehow become stranded on.

Footage posted by Daylue Goah on November 1 shows a man on the roof of his neighbor’s house, along with the dog. The man spends several minutes coaxing the dog, until he’s finally able to pick it up. He then leads it across the roof to a skylight, which is opened by a person reported to be the dog’s owner. The dog is then brought safely inside.

According to Goah, animal control had been called out, but left again with the dog still on the roof.

Speaking about the unidentified good Samaritan, Goah told NBC News 10: “After several minutes of persuading the dog, he eventually went on top of the roof, got the dog, and went close to the owner. He passed the dog through the sunroof and rescued the dog.”

It's unclear how the dog managed to get onto the roof.