'Kicking' off a healthier New Year with Roundhouse Kickboxing

Does your New Year’s resolution involve improving your physical fitness? Well, good news: metro Atlanta entrepreneurs Jordan McCray and Mario Richards made a resolution to help you achieve your 2023 goals.

McCray and Richards are the founders of Roundhouse Kickboxing, which they initially opened in East Atlanta and have since expanded to include a second location in Sandy Springs. McCray and Richards have a lot in common; both are graduates of the University of Georgia (which is where they met — Go Dawgs!), and both say they struggled with their own physical fitness goals for years. Fad diets? Both say they’ve tried them. Weight fluctuations? McCray and Richards say they’ve been there. Long hours at the gym with little results? Done that.

McCray and Richards say they eventually found that kickboxing combined with smart nutrition yielded the best results, and the duo created Roundhouse Kickboxing to help others do the same. McCray says he specifically chose East Atlanta for the gym’s first location, as he wanted to give back to the community in which he was raised. The success in East Atlanta led the team to open the Sandy Springs gym, which now also offers personal training, group classes, nutritional programs, along with a "Kick Squad" for kids. Jordan McCray and Mario Richards say their group classes accommodate students at all skill levels, incorporating stretching, bag work, and strength training. 

Roundhouse Kickboxing East Atlanta Village is located at 749 Moreland Avenue Southeast, and Roundhouse Kickboxing Sandy Springs is located at 8610 Roswell Road, Suite 710. For more information on both locations, click here. And click the video player in this article to check out our morning at Roundhouse Kickboxing, kicking off 2023 with a great workout!