Kennesaw State University Sex Assault

Extra police were on patrol at Kennesaw State University after they received several reports of two sexual assaults on campus during the first week of classes. Students said they're being more cautious and looking over their shoulders more.

"It definitely makes you more on edge, especially at night," said Megan Tymchuck who is a Sophomore.

One bystander said he's seeing people walking more in groups, especially in the evening.

Aug. 22, a female student told police she was raped at an on-campus apartment. She told police she knows the man and that he is also a student. Two nights earlier, a student reported she was groped by a white man about 6 feet tall with blond hair in the Austin Resident Complex on campus.

University officials said Kennesaw State Police issued a timely notification to all students, faculty and staff. Students said they've received the e-mails that state what happened. Tymchuck said she would like to see some sort of text messaging system in place, so students could get the information even quicker.

"I don't want to be outside somewhere when something like that is happening, and I'm not aware of it.  I'd like to be able to tell my roommates and to make sure everyone is safe, right then and there," said Tymchuck.

The university released a statement from the Vice President for Student Affairs, K.C. White stating "While one case is one too many and sexual assault absolutely will not be tolerated at Kennesaw State, our efforts to educate our students are working and students are doing the right thing by reporting these incidents."