Kemp signs 3 anti-human trafficking bills into law

Governor Brian Kemp signs three bills into law tackling human trafficking in Georgia on April 27, 2021. (FOX 5)

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed several bills into law on Tuesday all aimed at fighting human trafficking.

The first helps survivors get a legal name change to escape traffickers.

Another requires schools to teach human trafficking awareness to students in 6th through 12th grades.

The third allows survivors to sue their traffickers or anyone else who profited from their victimization in civil court.

"These lawsuits may be filed within 10 years of the date of the offense or the victim’s 18th birthday if the victim is a minor. The bill also creates a cause of action allowing Attorney General to file suit against human traffickers and their associates," said Gov. Kemp.

This new law is part of the effort by the GRACE Commission and the Kemp administration to combat human trafficking in the state.

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