Keep your job with these Holiday office party no-nos

It's holiday party season, but if you have a Christmas work party on the calendar, be careful how much you party.

Holiday parties are nice. We get to talk to each other outside of the office. We're more relaxed. But be careful, alcohol-fueled, after-work events can be fertile ground for trouble for both employees and bosses. FOX 5's Dana Fowle talked with the managing partner at the law firm of Barrett & Farahany who offers work-place advice.

“From time to time at Christmas parties, especially if they are work parties, there are people who cross the line. People forget that this is still work, so they are doing things like having too many drinks," Amanda Farahany said. "And too many drinks often lead to too much touching and inappropriate behavior.”

So she has advice for both employees and bosses.

If you're the boss, remember to make sure that employees are safe. If you see someone has drunk too much, cut them off. And finally, make sure you get them home. Call a car service. Don't let an inebriated employee with whom you've supplied alcohol get behind the wheel.

Employees, listen up. Don't drink too much. Farahany says to limit yourself to two. If you see something going on that might be dangerous, get a manager to help. And, if you are a victim of some sort, get to HR the next day.

And, we can't believe we have to say this, but she says no mistletoe at work parties. No. No. No. Fowle also asked her if the holiday trouble makers are younger or older. She said they can be anybody: young, older, busboy, or the CEO.

If you’re feeling pressured to drink more at a party this season, make a mocktail. Club soda with cranberry juice and a lime is the perfect festive drink.