Kangaroo in custody after hopping through South Florida neighborhood

This wasn't a normal morning call for officers in one South Florida city.

Fort Lauderdale police spent Thursday morning chasing a kangaroo that was spotted hopping through a neighborhood.

“At first we didn’t really believe it ’cause there was only one call, so when we got there, there, sure enough, was a kangaroo,” Fort Lauderdale Police officer Robert Norvis told WSVN. “I’ve been a police officer for a total of 26 years, and I’ve had snake calls and plenty of dog calls and maybe an alligator, but I never heard of a kangaroo around here.”

Officers were able to get a dog leash around the kangaroo's neck before guiding it to the back of a police cruiser.

“He didn’t resist. I actually was expecting to get kicked, but he was very friendly and didn’t do anything,” Norvis said.


(Courtesy: WSVN)

Aerial footage from WSVN showed the kangaroo in custody.

Police said they turned it over to the South Florida Wildlife Center. It was later learned that a city resident owns the kangaroo, named Jack, as a pet.