K-9 Officer Indi returns to duty after being shot

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A DeKalb County K-9 officer is back on the job just months after he took a bullet to the head.

Officer Indi and his handler, Officer Norman Larson, were recognized for their acts of bravery and heroism during an emotional award ceremony Wednesday morning. 

Officer Larson told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes, "These rewards are nice, this is how we recognize each other,  and how they recognize Indi Wednesday.  But the real reward for him is the next call the next mission."

K-9 Officer Indi was shot in December searching for the suspect who shot 24-year-old DeKalb County Police Officer Edgar Flores following a traffic stop along Candler Road.

Indi was able to track 33-year-old Decatur resident Brandon Taylor to his hiding place among a pile of tires behind one of the Candler Road businesses, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The GBI said Taylor opened fire on the K-9 as officers closed in on him.

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Indi was rushed in critical condition to the Sandy Springs vet. He has since made an amazing recovery, though he lost his right eye.

After months of recover, rehabilitation, and training, Indi was recertified by the North American Police Work Dog Association. 

Larson said Indi was glad he wasn't forced to retire and will continue to do the job he loved.

"That man in the woods with the gun didn't dictate when it's time for him to stop doing what he does," he said. "The awards are nice ... but the real reward for him is the next call, the next mission."

Larson said you could tell Indi was excited and ready to be back at work. They are now just waiting for the call to action.