Justin Ross Harris, accused of leaving toddler in hot car to die, released from prison

Cooper Harris, left, Justin Ross Harris, right.

Justin Ross Harris, the Cobb County man convicted of murdering his 2-year-old son, Cooper, by leaving him in a hot car in 2014, has just been released from prison.

Harris' 2016 trial was heavily covered by the Atlanta news media.

According to officials, the temperatures were in the mid-80s on June 18, 2014. Harris told police he forgot to drop the 22-month-old off at daycare. He left him in his car seat for several hours in the parking lot outside Home Depot where he worked as a web developer.

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Prosecutors argued that Harris was unhappy with his marriage and tried to use his son's death as a way out. The state even provided evidence during the trial that he had affairs with multiple women, including a prostitute and an underage teenager.

Less than 10 years ago, Harris was sentenced to life without parole for eight counts of malice murder, as well as 32 more years in prison for other crimes.

However, his lawyers argued that including evidence of Harris' sexual activities prejudiced the jury. They appealed the child cruelty and murder charges, which were eventually reversed by Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice David E. Nahmias who agreed.

Harris was to remain in jail for other crimes he was convicted of, including the sexual exploitation of a child, which stemmed from allegations that he exchanged sexually explicit messages and photos with an underage girl.

He was released from jail on June 16, 2024.

Who is Ross Harris' ex-wife, Leanna Taylor?

Harris' ex-wife, Leanna Taylor, filed to divorce Harris in 2016.

During the cross-examination, Taylor said, "He destroyed my life. I am humiliated. I may never trust anyone again. If I never see him again after today, it is fine with me."

She told the court she moved to Alabama.

Taylor defended her decision to testify in his defense during an interview with ABC News.

"It never crossed my mind that Ross had done it on purpose," she said in February 2017. "Never. It was an accident."