Judge revokes Doris Payne's probation in Walmart shoplifting case

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Internationally renowned jewel thief Doris Payne could be released from jail. 

FOX 5 News was the only crew in a DeKalb County courtroom Friday morning as Payne appeared before a judge for a probation revocation hearing.

The hearing stems from her most recent arrest, where she was accused of stealing from a Chamblee Walmart back in July. 

Friday morning, the judge said there was no surveillance video showing Payne stealing, just body cam video after she was accused of stealing. 

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Authorities said Payne was on probation at the time for stealing $2,000 necklace from Von Maur at Perimeter Mall last year. 

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Payne has been arrested more than 20 times in the last 50 years and is accused of stealing close to $2 million worth of jewelry over six decades. 

Friday, the judge closed Payne's case in DeKalb County, which means she could be released from jail. The case is still open in the city of Chamblee.