Jogger finds murdered woman in Atlanta park

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DeKalb County Police are attempting unravel a murder mystery at a local Atlanta park.

A man jogging on a popular walking path in Glen Emerald Park on Bouldercrest Road discovered the body of a unidentified woman early Monday morning.

Locals who live near the park say they never imaged the place could become a crime scene.

"We do a little run around the half-mile path," Kyle Dennis said. "It's like our little oasis."

DeKalb Police say the jogger called 911 Monday morning after finding the woman's body on the trail.

It didn't take long for investigators to determine it was a homicide with the cause of death being a gunshot.

So far, police don't know who the woman is or who her killer was, but they don't believe her body had been here long before it was discovered.

Unnerved by the death, many are hoping police will solve the case soon.

"It's something you can't really get passed," Dennis said. "I'm hoping they find out who did it as fast as possible."

If you have any evidence that can help police with the case, please call 911.