Jiu-jitsu fighter tracks down, helps catch another suspect

The Midtown resident and trained jiu-jitsu fighter recently praised for pinning down a burglar is being called by locals a neighborhood hero again, after police now said he followed and tracked down a prowler. 

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"Everyone likes me in the neighborhood i guess," said Sean Cannon, who after this second feat said coworkers have comically nicknamed him the "Daredevil of Piedmont Park."

The most recent run-in with a suspect occurred on the 22nd outside his home on Monroe Avenue, when Cannon' s girlfriend Hope Kepley discovered a man searching through their porch, and told police she believed he was looking for house keys.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighter pins down burglar

"I saw the man taking down and looking through our plants. I asked, 'What are you doing?' I told him to get out. I banged on the door to get Sean," she said. 

After the man fled and Sean searched the area, he tells FOX 5 he got into his car and started to drive around to look for him.

"He was trying to cut through yards," Cannon said, as he proceeded to follow the suspect for at least 10 minutes. "I was giving [911] updates the whole time."

Police, with Sean's aid, were able to find and apprehend suspect Robert Howard and charged him with prowling, and also a drug-related charge for being in possession of a crack pipe. 

This is the second time Cannon has helped apprehend a suspect. 

On May 29, police said Cannon used his martial arts training to pin down a burglar trying to steal items from the sunroom, and held her down until police arrived. 

"I think everyone in Midtown should take jiu-jitsu or self defense. If somebody comes at you, you have to be prepared to defend yourself," Cannon suggests to other city residents. 

Atlanta Police generally advise for a person's safety, victims of a crime should not confront a suspect, call 911 and record details of the incident to be a good witness for law enforcement.