Jamie Hood questions brother on the stand

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Referring to himself in the third person, Jamie Hood called his own brother to the stand Thursday.

Matthew Hood is serving 10 years for armed robbery, but the two were together 4 years ago when Athens Clark County Police Officer Elmer “Buddy” Christian was fatally shot and Officer Tony Howard was wounded.

The accused cop killer tried to press his brother about the details of March 22, 2011 and suggested Matthew was lying to the jury to gain favor with the district attorney and get his own robbery sentenced reduced.

“I'm here for the truth judge-whether he's my brother or not—I gotta it out of him,” the defendant said in court Thursday afternoon.

Hood continues to act as his own attorney and repeatedly took issue with the prosecution's objections and the Judge's rulings.

“We have credibility here your honor. The prosecution is intimidating witnesses, that's prosecutorial misconduct,” Hood said in an irritated tone.

Hood fired off yet another round of insults and accusations when Judge Patrick Haggard refused to let Matthew Hood testify about the fatal shooting of one of his brothers at the hands of a police officer years ago. Judge Haggard had previously ruled that such testimony cannot be admitted.

“Why don't y'all take me to jail now. I want to state for the record you are being biased and covering up the truth, for the record,” an outraged Hood said in court. 

Hood has indicated he will soon call his last witness and will likely take the stand in his own defense. Legal experts not connected to the case say he will likely give a narrative of the events of that day and explain why he believed his life was in danger when he allegedly shot the officers.