'Jail dog' needs a forever family

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He is a little dog with a lot of heart and is now in need a good home. Bandit spent the past three years as the official mascot of the Gwinnett County Jail’s jail dogs program, but he now needs a forever family. Staff and inmates at the Gwinett County Jail hope a FOX 5 fan will adopt him.

A bad reaction to heartworm treatments left Bandit without the use of his hind legs, but that has not slowed him down a bit.

WATCH: Bandit isn't letting anything slow him down

“He's a very friendly warm dog. He would make a great addition to someone's family,” said Deputy Shannon Volkodav, Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office.

Fitted with a special dog wheelchair, Bandit gets around just fine. He is full of energy and a favorite with staff and inmates participating in Gwinnett County Jail's Operation Second Chance jail dogs program.

Inmate Scott Turner, a participant in the program, is one of Bandit's handlers.

“He's a great dog. He really is. I would love to see him go to a good home,” said Turner.

Inmates are handpicked for the program. They care for and train dogs, with the goal of eventually putting the animals up for adoption. Bandit joined the jail dog program about three years ago.

“Which is a very long time for a dog to be in Operation Second Chance Program. Of course he's grown on everyone we love him very dearly,” said Deputy Volkodav.

Bandit has a great temperament, smart and loves to play, making him a good fit for most animal lovers. They hate to see him go, but sheriff's officials said it's time for him to be placed in a permanent home.

“As happy as we are to have him here we really want to see him get a home a long term home. He's a special dog. He needs a special family,” said Deputy Volkodav.

Anyone ready to open their heart and home to Bandit can find out more information and an adoption application at jaildogs.org.

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