Jackson County family upset after dogs found shot, killed

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A Jackson County family is heartbroken after their dogs got out of their yard and were found shot and killed on the side of the road.

One was a beagle and the other a boxer. The family wants to know who would kill their beloved pets.

Kyrie Patton said Mack, a 7-year-old boxer the family has had since he was 7 months old, and Merlin, a 2-year-old beagle they were fostering and getting ready to adopt, escaped their yard Saturday night. The Pattons spent the next few days in a frantic search for their beloved pooches.

Tuesday evening, while out on yet another search run, this time along Hunter Road, the bodies of Mac and Merlin were found lying next to each other on the side of the secluded dirt road about two miles from their home.

What is even more upsetting is the dogs were wearing collars and had microchips.

The Patton family said they are beyond devastated that something like this could happen in their community. They said its hit their 5-year-old son the hardest. Patton said Mack slept with the child every night since he was a toddler, keeping the "boogieman" and "monsters" under the best at bay.

The Pattons are asking whoever shot and killed their dogs to turn themselves into police.