It’s Ramsay vs. Vanderpump on 'Food Stars' season 2

What happens when you take two of the most intimidating restaurateurs on television and pit them against each other in a high-stakes competition?

You get the second season of "Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars."

Chef Gordon Ramsay and reality television icon Lisa Vanderpump team up for the show’s new season, which premieres tonight at 9 on FOX 5 Atlanta. This season, up-and-coming business owners will pitch their ideas to Ramsay and Vanderpump, who will each create a team of seven entrepreneurs and mentor them through a "business bootcamp" — eventually narrowing down the field to one ultimate winner. The pair of industry titans is competing to see which can lead one of their team members to victory — meanwhile, the competitors are going for the $250,000 grand prize!

Sitting down with Vanderpump and Ramsay in New York, we asked about the top mistakes that people make when pitching their own businesses. 

"Just waffling; dribbling, waffling, sort of not being direct and confident with your pitch," says Ramsay. "And don’t be scared of silence. Take a breath."

Adds Vanderpump, "If you make a mistake, you can recover from it. Because I think people put too much pressure on themselves … a lot of the time I talk to people, I say, ‘People that are listening, they don’t know you’ve made a mistake. So just keep going.’"

Oh, and by the way — one of the business owners hoping to end up on either Team Ramsay or Team Vanderpump tonight is Atlanta’s own Kamal Grant, founder of Sublime Doughnuts and owner of Magic Middles!

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