South Fulton mother searching for answers in 17-year-old son's murder

A South Fulton mother is searching for answers after her son was shot and killed on the way home from the gym.

Jacobia Coulter says she can barely put the pain she's feeling about her son's death into words.

"I am just angry and hurt," Coulter says.

Coulter last saw her 17-year-old son Isaiah Gaines last week.

Isaiah Gaines (Courtesy of the family)

"He left the house at approximately 7:18 p.m. to walk to LA Fitness to work out," she said. "When he was leaving that's when the incident occurred."

Neighbors tell FOX 5 they heard at least five shots and saw a red car speed off from the gym's parking lot.

Police found the Creekside High junior face down in the grass. He was apparently trying to get home.

His mother can not imagine what happened. Police say he had a gun holster on his pants, but did not find any weapon.

Coulter says she doesn't think her son knew the shooter who killed him.

"We just recently moved here," she said. "It hasn't been quite six months since we've been here in Atlanta."

Jacobia Coulter and her son (Courtesy of the family)

Now she's begging whoever's responsible to do the right thing.

"We were very close. That was my baby," Coulter said. "Everybody has a conscience, you know. To the person that killed my son, you know what you did. Can you please turn yourself in?"

South Fulton police ask anyone who has any info about this murder to give them a call.